Changing the conversation about health

Articles by our students

summer school 6Students are active in the life of the College, giving presentations, writing up events for a wider audience, representing us at meetings. We always make sure our students get back as much as they give, and build better careers from what they have learned through our networks.

Here are just a few of the pieces written by our students.

Medical management and leadership – students report on Professor Aidan Halligan’s talk on how to avoid another Mid Staffs scandal.

Hospital Food Campaign Launch, Hospital Food Campaign update – The College is among the supporters of a longstanding campaign to improve hospital food.  Our students report back.

Coping with complex needs: a placement with London Pathway – we organised a placement for student Emily Dobell with a homeless health charity associated with the College.  Patient privacy limits what she was able to say about an eye-opening experience, but here she gives an overview.

From medical student to patient: a journey – until 2010 Anya de Iongh was a medical student on track to be a doctor, before illness struck.  Here we interview her about how she has used her change of life path to educate her peers.

Psychosexual medicine – Lauren Taylor, final year medical student and part of the Sexpression group at King’s College London attended our event on psychosexual medicine and gives this account.

Healthy ageing summer school – Student Sarah Stuart describes her experience at our summer school.