Changing the conversation about health

Our annual student conferences

Our annual student conferences are open to all healthcare students studying a degree course in the UK.  We have looked at issues as diverse as self-care, obesity and dementia.  This year’s highly successful conference was on the topic of Sustainable Health and Wellbeing.


It’s the breadth of perspectives that students bring to our conferences that give them their uniqueness: where future doctors brush shoulders with social workers, podiatrists with osteopaths, nurses with dentists.  This is the health world that patients occupy every day, while too often healthcare professionals are limited to seeing only their own piece of the jigsaw.

Watch our three minute film from 2015

You can also see photographs from the event here.

What students say

These events are always oversubscribed, and student feedback is extremely positive:

“I was reminded of many of the key principles of healthcare, and that compassionate and sane practice is possible! I find the College of Medicine is invaluable in helping me to stick to my values when practicing, and continues to convince me of the incredible evidence base for being compassionate and creative, both for our patients and ourselves” – Student, 2012

“Many of the speakers reminded us of the need for humanity in the health professions. Too often professionals can get swamped in the academics of their profession but forget the need to be kind, considerate, compassionate and build good rapport” – Student, 2012

More detail of our previous conferences

Conferences take place annually in September/October – read about recent events below.  If you would like to stay in touch with the College and take advantage of other events and competitions for College of Medicine students, why not become a member?  Membership is free for students – full details here.

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 Universities working with us

Finally, this is also an experience that works for the universities which host us each year:

Simon Eades, Acting Director of Administration and Business Development, at the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College London, said:

“The College Of Medicine Summer School provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate health students, from across the country, to learn together about the future health challenges we face in this country. It was an honour to host the 2014 Summer School here at King’s. This year, the two-day event looked at self-care and the importance of patients and healthcare professionals having the skills and resilience to care for themselves so that both groups can live fulfilling, healthy lives. Inter-professional undergraduate education is something we champion here at King’s as it better prepares the healthcare professionals of tomorrow to work in multidisciplinary teams and provide safe, compassionate and effective care for our population.

We very much hope the College of Medicine’s Summer School will continue to grow as we firmly believe that undergraduates can greatly benefit from this type of learning.”