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21631121526_27f434ec65_kAlmost everyone agrees that there are difficult times ahead for the NHS.  Our population is living longer than ever, but the extra life years are for the majority not healthy ones: diseases from cancer to diabetes are spiraling.  Meanwhile in a struggling economy, there is no easy way to pay for extra services.  Too often NHS staff pay the price through heavy workloads and stress levels.


So why do we think that this is a great moment to be training as a healthcare professional? 

21666256551_80242da541_kWe believe that the current model of health has to change: to a model that is more joined up between professions, one which gives more responsibility and power to patients, and involves a wide swathe of society instead of beginning at the surgery door.

Students in our networks are exposed to today’s brilliant thinkers about the future of patient care, and are given rare opportunities to think outside the box of their own specialisms. Grounded in a realistic understanding of where we are now, we help give students the tools they need to create better healthcare futures.

Students and Social Prescribing


Watch former College student Tim Owen Jones talking about social prescribing with Bromley by Bow’s Dr Saul Marmot:

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