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College of Medicine GPs and Yoga Community

A meeting of minds: College of Medicine GPs and yoga enthusiasts meet

An inspirational group of GPs, yoga practitioners, academics, yoga teachers, and entrepreneurs met to look at ways to bring yoga into healthcare for patients and for healthcare professionals.

To breakdown yoga stereotypes and work with the College of Medicine to create events together uniting and promoting each other in this community. Guest speakers included Dr Amit Bhargava, Professor David Peters, Deniah, Heather Mason, and Dr Heena Patel.

The group met at the Dioarama Arts studio in London, to put together plans for possible Conferences on Yoga, and other educational opportunities to share yoga with a wider audience.

The group was led by Dr Lyanh Dang. Dr Lyanh Dang is an NHS GP, nutritionist and yoga instructor in London who is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and uniting Eastern Philosphy with Western Medicine through @yogawithdrlyanh.