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College ambassadors

GetFileAttachment-1Simon Tuckey – Ambassador to the Food Industry

We are delighted to have food industry insider Simon Tuckey as our Amabassador. Simon has spent most of his career in the food industry in the UK and overseas. In the last 10 years he has branched into other areas like house building, healthcare and sport but has, in the last 2 years, returned to food with the launch of Tuckey’s Proper Biscuits. Read his longer biography and aspirations.

Eleni Tsiompanou – Harmony Ambassador

Eleni is a consultant physician with more than two decades’ experience of working in the NHS and the charity sector. From medical school onwards she has been interested in integrative healthcare and, parallel to traditional medical training, studied natural approaches to medicine including Nutritional Medicine (MSc) and Ayurveda. In addition she has continued to develop an interest in mind-body approaches that can support people’s health and well-being, such as the Alexander
Technique, yoga, dancing, gardening, natural exercises and meditation. Eleni has been researching diet and lifestyle in the Hippocratic writings for the last
ten years. She has interpreted aspects of the Hippocratic approach in relation to
her recent studies in Ayurveda, qualifying as an Ayurvedic practitioner in 2019.
Through the Health Being Institute, Eleni promotes a healthy and harmonious way
of being: In the last 4 years, blending modern science and
ancient wisdom, she has spread the word, educating many healthcare professionals
and lay people with her “Medical Kitchen Wisdom” and “Harmony in Living”
workshops and events.
Since reading HRH The Prince of Wales’ book ‘Harmony: a new way of looking at
our world’, Eleni has been inspired to expand the dialogue about health to include a
wider view of harmony. She invites us to look at health through the prism of
harmony to connect natural approaches and ancient wisdom traditions to modern
Eleni’s studies have led her to a profound understanding of the Pythagorean
principle that “Health depends on the harmony of man’s elemental components and
disease is caused by disturbance of this harmony”. She feels privileged to take on
the role of Harmony Ambassador for the College of Medicine on The Harmony
Project. To this end she has established a special interest group, Harmony in
Health, within the college: For more information and to
be involved please email