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College of Medicine

Foundation Course for Clinicians

17th/18th November 2016 

Thursday 17th November 2016

10:00          Holistic Medicine, the Human Effect and Integrated Health – What are they and why do they matter? – Professor David Peters and Dr Michael Dixon

11:00          It’s complicated; or is it?  All you need to know about complementary medicine, vitalism/energy medicine etc.   – Professor David Peters

12:00          Herbs and Spices – empowering patients to help themselves using their gardens, grocers and OTC herbal products. Simon Mills, Medical Herbalist.

13:00          Lunch

14:00          Therapeutic bodywork: non-manipulative musculoskeletal treatment methods for non-osteopaths: trigger points, spontaneous release positioning, muscle energy techniques.   – Professor David Peters

15:30          Tea

16.00          Acupuncture, group electroacupuncture and self/home acupuncture – Dr Mike Cummings chair of British Medical Acupuncture Society

17.30          Break

18:30          What is a good doctor? – Stephen McGann (Actor and Doctor in Call the Midwife). 

Friday 18th November

9:30             Resilience: mind/body interventions and self-care including biofeedback – Professor David Peters

10:30          Hypnosis, self-hypnosis and related therapies  — Trevor Hoskisson

11:30          Tea

12.00          Mental health and mental wellbeing – changing perspectives in your treatment of patients with mental health problems – Dr Chris Manning (College of Medicine lead for Mental Health).

13:00          Lunch

14:00          Going beyond medicine – social prescribing and lifestyle change – Dr Michael Dixon.

15.00          Integrating these ideas in every day practice – Dr Michael Dixon, Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health.

15.30          Planning: your own SMART goals for innovation, and a SWOT exercise on opportunities and obstacles.  Workshop and discussion. – Dr Michael Dixon and Prof David Peters

16.30          Tea

17:00          Depart

  • The programme is interactive and practical
  • Background material will provide an overview of the available research
  • You will learn some basic simple treatment methods
  • You will get an overview of the CAM field,
  • You will expand your ideas about treatment options for common conditions
  • You will take away some simple skills
  • You will plan how to extend your approach to frontline practice