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Audience feedback: Call the Midwife

Stephen McGann and audience after his talk about Call the Midwife for the College of Medicine

Jessica Richards attended our ‘Call the Midwife’ event and describes how an understanding of the birth of the NHS is still relevant to how we approach medicine now.

Not knowing what to expect, I found I was utterly absorbed by such an intriguing subject which was presented so passionately and eloquently.

The references to the history of the NHS and its origins and the health issues we were facing at the time, greatly informed understanding of the human face of Medical science and why we have and need the NHS.

Stephen’s ideas are completely relevant to what we currently face in the NHS and healthcare in these turbulent and cash strapped times.

Going back to the roots of the NHS reminds us of what a massive and powerful impact it had on our quality of life and living standards for all in the UK.

This can only have a positive influence on taking our NHS forward in a way that supports it’s ethics and purpose and the ultimate interests of patients and their Medical and healthcare teams.

Once again, The College of Medicine has raised the bar and exceeded expectations in encouraging practical ways of inspiring and educating us all to work together to create better health. Keep up the wonderful work!

Jessica Richards