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Our vision and mission

resizeannualconfpic2012720xWe are an independent UK charity dedicated to supporting patients and clinicians to create health for individuals and local communities.

Our Vision

shutterstock_hand_stackOur vision is to put health in the hands of local patients and communities and the clinicians who care for them.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to inspire and educate commissioners, providers and users with innovative ideas and practical ways of extending care and improving health.

Also to encourage the funders, providers and service users of health services to work together to create better health.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that a sustainable health service and society can only be established through co-creation with patients and communities as assets in their own health and care.
  • We believe that the physical, mental and spiritual health of individuals and communities should be a priority that is fundamental to progress and prosperity.
  • We believe good health is more than simply avoiding illness.

Our Principles

How we create health:-

  • Health creation extends beyond health services and needs to be integrated with initiatives in all health related areas such as schools, housing and local business.
  • We must go beyond conventional practice and embrace a wider range of potential treatments and health initiatives, which may improve quality of life and health outcomes. We will create this as a social mission with an equal partnership between health practitioners and patients.

Our Mission

We work with health organisations, practitioners and patients to:

  • Foster a spirit of equal partnership in health creation
  • Champion health creation and health creators today
  • Share evidence and experience that inspires future health creation.