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2nd Symposium on medical student wellbeing and resilience

8th September 2017
University of Westminster Pavilion, 115 New Cavendish Street.

Resilience for medical undergraduates: preparing our medical students for the NHS workplace

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The background

There has never been a more challenging time for doctors in training. They have increasing levels of exhaustion, disillusionment, burnout and mental and physical health problems at ever-earlier stages. As teachers and trainers we know that many of them feel under-prepared for the realities of life in practice and some find it impossible to cope. How should medical schools respond?

Raising the profile and finding solutions

We are hosting a symposium for colleagues working on the frontline. Our aim is to understand what is currently happening across the UK. We would like the meeting to explore what progress has been made since last year’s symposium, which looked at provision of support for medical students and emerging curriculum development, and to continue mapping the current state of UK developments in the field. There will be reflections on ongoing work in the various centres and opportunity to build networks based on positive practice.